A Microscope or a Telescope?


“And Mary said: ‘My soul magnifies the Lord.’”

One of my favorite Christmas presents growing up was a microscope set. I remember spending all day long looking for small dead bugs to examine their legs and wings. Magnifying something that was so small and seeing it so large was fascinating to me. It was not until I saw what my best friend got for Christmas that my outlook changed. He had received a telescope. It was not big, but on the cold nights ahead, we spent hours looking into the night skies for distant stars and planets. Things that were so large and so massive and so significant were no longer mere specks in the sky. My microscope magnified something so small. My friend’s telescope magnified something so large.

Upon hearing the news of her purpose from the angel, and recognizing that she was to fulfill that purpose, Mary’s soul became alive in the magnification of God. The Apostle Paul tells us that in all things we are to magnify God. It is the chief end of man. But God does not need our magnification of Him. We need our magnification of Him. The world needs our magnification of Him. As Mary sings in her Magnificat, “My spirit has rejoiced…” Her life song was a song of magnifying her Lord. Her life rejoiced.  So many times I magnify things that are insignificant in life. I magnify my persona. I magnify my profession. I magnify my creativity. I magnify my success. The sad truth is that I spend time magnifying myself. I look closely at my problems only to see upon close examination that they are truly insignificant in comparison to those who experience much more significant challenges. I spend most of my life as a microscope. Most of the time I am seeking my own significance. I am looking in the wrong direction with the wrong motive. It is when I look upward that I seem to come alive. I want to be a telescope. I want for my life to magnify to the world that which many think may be so small and so far away, is in truth, a love so immense, so deep, so infinite, and not far away from us, but within us. We have all been created to sing our own Magnificat. The world desperately needs for us to sing it. We are all vessels, created to magnify God’s love to the world. Therein lies our rejoicing. Therein lies our significance.



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